Frequent Asqued Questions

Q: I have bought the civilian and helicopters in the in-app shop, but once I updated to version 1.1, they disappeared!
A: There is a small bug that has been fixed in version 1.2. You can update to the new version to fix the error.
Q: Guessing correctly the same number of answers I get different scores, why is that?
A: The score is calculated taking into account the time taken to answer each question. The less time you take the higher your score will be.
Q: Can I run this Game in iPhone/iPad and Android?
A: Yes, this game has a universal iOS version for iPhone and iPad, and an Android version.
Q: Why is the Android version free and for iOS and Amazon you have paid versions?
A: The Android version is a Lite version that only contains a reduced number of aircraft. You can get the entire content visiting the in-app shop
Q: When I don't get the answer right, how can I see which was the correct answer?
A: Whether you guess right or wrong, a small information icon ("i") appears in the bottom right, were you can get information for the correct aircraft.
Q: I don't have Game Center, can I see my Leaderboards and Achievements?
A: Yes, Leaderboards and Achievements work with or without Game Center.
Q: I have found an error in the game. How can I tell you so it gets fixed?
A: The best way to inform us of erros and suggestions is to send an email to the address: support(at) (replace "at" prior to sending the email)
Q: Any plans for updates?
A: As long as there is an appetite for more content, we'll do our best to oblige.
Q: How can I get extra content for this game?
A: Visit the in-app store to get lost of extra aircraft!
Q: The quality of the pictures is not great. Is that normal?
A: We have used low resolution pictures to reduce the size of the application and speed-up download, but you can get high resolution pictures for free in the shop. You can access he shop using the ($) button in the main menu or by pressing the envelope that appears when you are viewing the aircraft details from the hangar menu.
Q: I can't share my results in Facebook!
A: If you have the native facebook application installed in your device, the facebook sharing from Aircraft Recognition Quiz does not work. If its not the case, please send us an email to support explaining your problem.
Q: I have problems installing the Android version! What can I do?
A: Read below

Common Issues in Android

There are two main problems that can occur when trying to get apps up and running on an Android device - failure to download, or failure to install.

Simple things to try first..

  • Make sure you're connected to wifi.
  • Restart your device.
  • Unmount and remount your SD card.

If your order is stuck on "authorizing"...

It's possible that your order has failed, either because your card did not authorize, or google checkout has had an internal failure of some sort. If you need assistance in such a situation, send us your order number.

Download problems might be related to the device's download cache being restricted.

This makes apps over a certain size unable to complete. On many Samsung Devices (such as the Galaxy S) you must have the latest version of Android installed (ideally gingerbread) or you won't be able to download apps over 30mb.
Devices that are running mods such as CM7 can also have problems with their download cache. Here's a link to a solution on the CM7 forums for such an issue.
It's also possible that even though your SD card shows sufficient space available, other apps on your device are actually using that space with their own cached data. This is particularly common with apps like Facebook, which store tons of photos and other data in a temporary cache which can build up to massive proportions over time. To manually clear the cache from other apps, go to "Manage Apps" in your phone's settings, select the offending apps and choose "clear cache".
If none of the above applies to your situation, you may try to sideload the app from another device, or acquire it from theAmazon App Store, which does not enforce arbitrary app size limits.

Sometimes apps will successfully download, but fail to install.

It's usually the fault of a temp file on your SD card which interferes with proper installation. Usually this is accompanied with an error code of 18.
Here's how to fix it:
  1. Connect your device to your computer.
  2. Mount the device as a USB Drive.
  3. Go to the '.android_secure' folder and delete the 'smdl2tmp1.asec' file.
  4. Unmount the device and try to install the game again.