iDinoBook © for iPad contains exclusive high-definition illustrations of great quality, from the recognized paleo-artist Carlos León.
Illustration include colorful dinosaurs, Xray, footsteps.
You will not find them anywhere else. Stay tuned for new illustrations coming in future updates.

Requires iPad with iOS 3.2 or newer

Supported Languages:
English, Spanish
"This app, whether you use the version for iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch, is great for dinosaur lovers. Time spent studying the information contained here would make anyone a dinosaur expert. Any child who can manipulate an iPad would get something out of using this app, and those old enough to read could be lost in it for hours. While it is great for kids, it also has enough concrete and detailed information for grown ups. It is a great reference app for all ages. The iPhone version has most of the same functionality, but on a smaller screen. This makes it harder to use, but it is more portable if you need dino facts in an instant." [...] (read more)

"iDinobook is a fun and educational app. It is easy to use and contains lot of interesting information. I recommend this app for users who have a passion for dinosaurs." [...] (read more)

"iDinobook most definitely packs a wallop of information. I'm partial to the iPad version because the user interface is easy to use and the design is so suited to the subject matter. But I'm also impressed with how well the iPhone app was adapted to present the same content on the smaller screen. The developers have done a nice job solving that dilemma. I don't think a dinosaur fan can go wrong with either app." [...] (read more)

"The iDinobook app will appeal to any iOS device user, no matter the age, or interest in Dinosaurs. You will become a fan of Dinosaurs after just a few minutes using this app." [...] (read more)

"Overall, this is a very good application if you like dinosaurs and are interested in facts and figures about them then this is a great app. If you are a real fan of dinosaurs you may have much of this information from other sources, but having it all together in one application is excellent." [...] (read more)

"A wonderful resource app for kids, iDinobook delivers a practical and realistic view of paleontology." [...] (read more)

This is one of the most complete apps I have seen, and this is just the initial release. It will be interesting to see what kind of features 4Fig adds to iDinoBook.[...] If dinosaur information is what you are after, iDinoBook is the app for you. [...] (read more)

"Loving the old school sepia look, by the way. Always puts me in a 'ye olde' mood. And what does iDino Book do? It’s an interactive encyclopedia on all things dinosaurical." [...] (read more)

"iDinobook 1.2 Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs is an amazingly intuitive app." [...] (read more)

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