Frequent Asqued Questions

Q: Is there an iPhone version?
A: Granny vs Zombies is available for iPhone! Granny vs Zombies HD is available for iPad!
Q: Is there an Android version in the works?
A: An Android version is something we plan to do in the not-too-distant future.
Q: This game is too hard! Specially the Defense levels!
A: Many people have complained that the game is too hard. The whole point of the game is making the most of your limited resources. Nonetheless, we realize that some people find it hard to finish the defense levels, even in easy mode. We have released an update (version 1.0.1) that makes the game a little bit easier. It also adds new features that make the defense levels easier. Try the update, and if the defense levels in easy-mode are still too frustrating for you, you can press the "Skip level" button on the pause menu to advance levels!
Q: How do I enter rooms, houses, barns and crypts?
A: If you are surrounded by Zombies, you can scape them by entering rooms, houses, barns and crypts. To do so you have to be right next to the door, and without moving the joystick, touch the door to enter. To get out just touch the door with our finger. When you enter a room/house/bar/crypt you will sometimes receive weapons, ammo or health.
Q: I cannot see the movement joystick!
A: In version 1.0.1 we have changed the movement joystick so that it only appears when you press on the left side of the screen. The joystick appears centered on the touch position, which allows you to have the joystick in different positions, which makes it more comfortable. When you remove the finger from the screen, the joystick disappears.
Q: How do I unlock the second player?
A: To unlock grandpa you have to finish Level 4 in Story Mode!